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Why Choose Jet Green?

treesJet Green Lawn and Tree Care takes a different approach to the care of your landscape. We listen to what each client’s goals are and we design a program customized to achieve maximum success. Unlike other companies with programs designed for generating maximum revenue while paying the lowest cost for labor and materials, Jet Green puts clients first and brings 15 years’ technical experience to every home, community, and business we service.

When you hire a lawn and tree care company you are really hiring the technician that formulates and applies the chemical. Choosing an experienced technician to perform chemical spray work helps you avoid incorrect and excess applications which harm both the landscape and the environment. Every landscaped property is different and requires just the right blend of chemical and application. Jet Green brings the knowledge needed for maximum benefit to you.

Jet Green uses only the highest quality materials available in the industry. These materials are custom tailored to your landscape needs, and this custom blending at the site is unique in the Spokane area.

And what does this premium service cost? Less than our competition — guaranteed! Jet Green is a locally-owned Spokane business. We are “Client-centered,” not “Program-centered.” Jet Green gives you exactly what your landscape needs, utilizing premium materials applied by experienced professionals.

So for that elite, lush, high quality, ultra professional look, there is only one choice... Jet Green!

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